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THE MAN WHO BUILT CAMBODIA explores the life of Vann Molyvann, an architect whose work came to represent a new identity for a country emerging from independence, and whose incredible story encompasses Cambodia’s turbulent journey as a modern nation.

In Cambodia’s post-independence period, Molyvann was at the centre of a renaissance, developing a distinctive architectural style, New Khmer Architecture, that completely changed the face of Cambodia.

But in 1970, at his creative peak, Cambodia’s political landscape disintegrates, forcing him to flee as the Khmer Rouge plunges the country into genocide and civil war.

Finally returning in the 1990s, Molyvann finds a different country than the one he left. He’s marginalized from public life and many of his works are destroyed or neglected.

Today, like many countries is Asia, Cambodia is developing rapidly and unevenly.

Now nearly 90, the film follows Vann Molyvann as he reflects on the country he’s put so much of himself into.

Narrated by Academy Award™ nominee Matt Dillon, at the heart of THE MAN WHO BUILT CAMBODIA is Vann Molyvann’s lifelong engagement with the identity of the Khmer people, and his attempt to create a unique architectural style that gives modern expression to that identity.